Top 5 Things to Watch for in Oil and Gas 2018

Oil and Gas is the world’s most vital and busiest commodity, the dynamics is definitely something that all analysts and those looking into the field should be on edge about as it’s constantly changing and prone to affect other aspects of life.


1. Global Oil demand will rise by 1.5 million and will pass 100 million for the first time ever.


2. China’s oil demand will grow 6% to over 12 million with an import dependency increasing to a record of 70%. China will continue to lead the world in new demand for the 10th straight year.


3. Oil-fueled car sales will reach 91 million in comparison to the 73 million it made in 2010.


4. The value of the U.S. dollar might be the most volatile factor for oil prices.


5. U.S. oil demand will reach higher levels than ever seen before. Gasoline demands will hit an all time record.


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