How To Start Working in Oil and Gas

Working in oil and gas can sometimes be difficult if you’re taking a shot in the dark at it. Many people often accumulate thousands of dollars in debt to pay for courses that guarantee an entry-level position in the industry only to find out that it’s a lie. However, what people don’t know is that the first entry-level position begins at ground zero – at the physical location of the oil rigs. These jobs often don’t require any special education and jobs can often be found through word of mouth, peer recommendation, or even the oil companies advertising locally. From there, it’s a straight road up and a learning curve that will eventually land you a better job in the industry as time goes on. Below are a few further tips to find these entry-level jobs.


1. Find out where exactly you want to work
Some entry-levels jobs will require you to move. The money won’t come to you so the only way to guarantee high chances at these jobs is to move to where they frequently give them out. For example, if you reside in Canada, moving to Alberta is a good first step as the majority of oil companies search for employees in that area. Similarly, in the USA, Texas or North Dakota are the most promising.


2. Use online classified websites
Local job prospects are often advertised through these certified websites. This makes it extremely reliable as you can list down the areas in which these jobs are being posted.


3. Use online local media sections
Scrolling down to the media section will also give you an idea on the jobs that are being advertised there. Find newspapers online and browse for the classified ad jobs. Just remember to do your research on each destination and contact the HR of each department.


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