The Best Companies to Work for in the O&G Industry

1. Exxon Mobil Corporation
One of the world’s largest integrated oil companies. They deal with gas exploration, production, supply, transportation, and marketing. A very successful company that supplies refined products to more than 19 thousand global gas stations.


2. Chevron Corporation
Right below Exxon Mobil, Chevron operates and strives for exploration and the production of oil and oil equivalents, refining them into various fuels and other end products. With plenty of room for advancement, this is one of the best companies to begin work for.


3. Phillips 66
Being one of the largest crude oil refiners, this company excels in the marketing department and also has a joint venture with Chevron. Phillips primarily operates in the US and Europe, using refined strategies to maintain their place in the top market.


4. Valero Energy Corporation
Providing decently flexible work schedules for employees, Valero prides itself on a mission it set out to achieve to become the largest independent refiner in the US. Churning out barrel after barrel, Valero had recently exited the retail business in order to focus on oil refining and ethanol operations.


5. Shell Oil Company
One of the largest oil companies in the world, Shell has been the leading flagship oil company for decades and still remains to be one of the top players in the game. Partnering with multiple US refineries, there are joint ventures towards the exploration sector of the market in deepwater plays in the Gulf of Mexico. Working with Shell provides employees with great benefits and even greater outcomes of success.



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