Industrial rope access is a form of work positioning developed from techniques originally used in rock climbing, traditionally called abseiling. Such techniques modified for industrial application allow highly trained technicians a means of accessing remote or difficult work location safely and efficiently.

Many different tasks can be performed on almost any structure whether it is the underside of an offshore oil rig, outside of a high rise building, top of a flare stack or chimney. or whatever traditional means of accessing are difficult and expensive.

Most importantly for our clients, the techniques allows rapid deployment, minimum disruption to their business and will usually be much more cost effective than traditional access methods.

Who is IRATA?

IRATA International is recognized as the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access. The association’s aim is the promotion and development of safety working system and the support of its member companies and techniques to ensure that they work in a safe and effective manner.

Course Objective

IRATA Rope Access Level 1

Candidates will learn a number of things which includes several basic rope access techniques, equipment familiarization and the characteristics of a safe system. Besides that, candidates will be taught on the legal requirements needed, objective hazards, risk assessment, inspection, method statement conformity, emergency considerations and rescue procedures.


IRATA Rope Access Level 2

A level 2 rope access technician will have the capability of rigging working ropes, undertaking rescues and perform in a variety of rope access tasks under the supervision of a level 3. This course will cover in detail, the knowledge of legislation safety requirements and quality assurance procedures relating to rope access.

Besides that, this level 2 training course will prepare candidates to carry out more advance rescue and maneuver techniques.


IRATA Rope Access Level 3

The IRATA Level 3 qualification is a recognized qualification for supervision in any rope access workplace. This is an advance course that prepares candidates to have the capability to provide supervision for a wide range of work sites. Candidates must acquire an IRATA rope access level 2 certificate.

The theoretical content in this course includes detailed knowledge of applicable legislation, competence in inspection and equipment care, casualty care, risk assessment method statement and site management requirements. Practical skills covered will include fall protection methods, advance rescue, lead climbing and application of pulley systems.


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