Blasting is done by entraining special abrasive in an airstream and directing that stream against the surface to be prepared, in the process removing existing coatings, corrosion and scale.

Painting uses materials, often containing volatile solvents, pumped at high pressures to apply coatings to surface prepared by blasting


Course Objective

The objective of this training is to help candidates obtain a better understanding in blasting and painting and to provide a higher confidence level and lower overall cost to industries in their future workplace.

Course Outline

  • How to read Paint Products Technical Data
  • Surface Preparation techniques
  • Paint Drying Mechanism
  • Understanding Volume Solids
  • What is Mixing Ration
  • Function of Thinner
  • What affect Drying Time
  • Pot Life and Shelf Life
  • Application Methods
  • How to get correct Wet Film Thickness
  • How to minimize wastage
  • Common Site Defects and Remedy
  • Quality Check and Inspection Tools
  • Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Safety Precaution, Safety Health and Environment

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